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Finished product

There’s bread cooling downstairs as I write this. It’s one of the best smells, but also a bit of a tease, as I can’t cut into it until it’s almost completely cool. This is the first posting date of the new Tuesdays with Dorie round. We’ll be working our way through Baking With Julia together. I found out about the original round of Tuesdays with Dorie far too late to join in, but luckily Laurie put together a new group for Dorie’s Around My French Table. That crew has been working through the book for more than a year at French Fridays with Dorie. It’s been a lot of fun so far. So much so that some of us decided to double that fun by joining in here. You can find my French Fridays posts at my regular blog, One Wet Foot.

This blog will be a little more collaborative and include some of my family members. They’re still sorting out their WordPress accounts, so I’m on my own for this post. You’ll be seeing more of them soon.

Adding flour

This recipe was a good starting place for this group. There’s nothing so basic to baking as a loaf of bread. Water, flour, yeast, sugar, salt, and butter. No extra ingredients or fancy techniques. Something to build on, once mastered.

Rising Dough

I did all of the kneading in a KitchenAid, but next time I think I’ll knead it by hand. I love the control kneading gives you and it’s great therapy. All I can tell you about the bread is that it smells great, looks good, and sounds perfect when I knock on it. I expect it’s going to taste great, too, once it cools.

Forming loaf

I’ve got big plans for this bread. There are sandwiches in its future, possibly toast, and maybe even a cameo in this week’s French Fridays recipe, Nutella Tartine.

Cooling bread

I’m looking forward to reading through the rest of the group’s posts this week. There are over 350 links! You can find them here: White Loaves