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A closeup of the topping for the rugelach in the bowl of the food processor.

Yet another Tuesday of baking with my sister, Kat, and my aunt. As we wait for the dough to get closer to room temperature, we sit here in anticipation, waiting to finally taste the Rugalach. I started the recipe yesterday by making the dough, but ran out of time and had to go home. We cook together at my grandmother’s, because she has a bigger kitchen. My adventure making the dough the day before started with my aunt figuring out how much 12oz of cream cheese was… it took a little while. Mixing the butter, cream cheese, and salt together made the mixture look very creamy…i tasted a little bit, it was very yummy. After adding the flour, I scraped the bowl, and then again to get all the yummy little bits of dough left over. Today we started by chopping up the nuts and dried fruit. We made the sugar mixture to cover the Rugelach in, and the other sugar mixture that goes inside the Rugelach. My aunt had previously made the apricot lekvar. After rolling out the dough into a 10 by 14 inch rectangle shaped thing, we put down the lekvar, the sugar mixture, the dried fruit, and the nuts we rolled them. That took a little effort. After rolling them, we were shocked at how big they were. Now, as I write this sentence, we are waiting four hours before we can slice and bake them……. yay the four hours are over!! Now we got to cover them in an egg wash, then slice them into 1/2 inch slices. After my sister cut them, I had the enormously awesome task of covering them in brown and white sugar, little tiny pieces of nuts, and cinnamon. And now as I finish writing this blog post, we wait the half hour for the rugelach to be done baking, so we can finally taste what I hope will be something very delicious!

The left side has the fruit and nuts; the right side just covered with the lekvar and the cinnamon-sugar mixture.

This week’s hosts are: Jessica and Margaret. You can find everyone’s links here: Rugelach

Rolling the dough