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A slice, with the loaf in the background

In one of the quicker editions of this blog, it was my pleasure to prepare the Light Lemony Loveliness (all hail alliteration!) of the loaf cake. I was on my own this time, as J had to get some work done and was a tad tired from a long day. I think my favorite part of the prep was peeling the rind off the lemons, as it left me smelling so like the citrus that my mother could smell me coming down the hallway! The remainder of the process of blending the other ingredients together was really quick and easy, and I felt quite proud of what came out of the oven! As I write this, I’m currently waiting for it to cool on a rack in the family room…it’s instances like these where I do not agree with the old gem of “patience is a virtue”.

Mixing the batter for the lemon loaf

I’ve also noticed, as we go along this journey, that baking turns out to be one of the best. stress relievers. ever. I’m curious to know how many of you agree with that…leave your opinions in the comments box 🙂

Teresa here:

I just wanted to add that the loaf was as light and as lemony as I’d hoped. We didn’t put any glaze on it, but that allowed us to toast the leftovers and eat them with lemon curd I’d made from the lemons Kat zested for the cake.

The loaf, cooling

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