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Pecan Sticky Buns

To quote my aunt, brioche dough can, in some ways, be like a relationship. When handled with the suitable amount of patience and love, it can yield wonderful results. However, if rushed and not handled with care, well….it can turn into a sticky mess which will have you wishing that hurling the marble rolling pin across the kitchen wouldn’t end up simply leaving a trail of disaster, and only left one with the satisfying feeling of pitching it. Despite the fine line I balanced over the course of the preparation of the dough, I knew it was love at first whiff when the buttery, yeasty (word?) scent wafted up my nostrils. And really, once that part was over the rest was easy, simply a waiting game of chilling, then rolling, then chilling again until at last we put the lovely cinnamon sugar-pecan filling down, leaving it to chill (again) before laying the carefully sliced pieces down on an uber-decadent bed of butter and brown sugar. As I write this, they’re baking away. Unfortunately due to time constraints I won’t be able to sample them until another day, but I’ll be sure to comment on this entry when I do 🙂

Pecan Sticky Buns

Teresa here:

The girls had to go home before the sticky buns were out of the oven, but their grandmother delivered some to them the next day (a few seconds in the microwave made them as good as they were just out of the oven). We had a little mishap with the springform pans; the bottoms weren’t inserted completely, so we lost some of the butter and sugar to the spill tray on the floor of the oven. So much for concerns about the amount of butter in the recipe…

These were delicious, even without the maximum amount of topping. I’m not sure I’d use this brioche recipe again, though – the one from Around My French Table works so well. There’s a good post on the brioche recipe from Baking With Julia over at Of Cabbages and King Cakes.

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s variations – I bet there will be some delicious ideas for our next attempt at these. Which will probably be for a holiday or special occasion, since they require a marathon baking session!

Pecan Sticky Buns

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