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Strawberries and cream piled atop a not-so-tall cake.

The timing of this week’s recipe was perfect for Vancouver, as local strawberries have just started arriving in the last week or so. The timing for our little group of bakers wasn’t so perfect, however. For the first time since our first post, I was baking without my nieces. This has been a busy month for everyone. My mother was away for part of it for her 50th (!) nursing class reunion, I’ve been wrapping up a term on a board, and one of the girls had finals coming up. I managed to bake this today for my parents, so at least there’s one family connection this time ’round.

It's berry season! All hail local strawberries...

This cake is meant to be a three-layer beauty, with mashed strawberry layers and a complete covering of whipped heavy cream. Mine did not rise enough for even a paltry two-layer cake. I know that I used too heavy a hand with the batter right at the end, but I also used a 9″ pan when the recipe calls for an 8″. No matter, the cake was still good, if a little heavy. I halved the amount of whipped cream and decided not to mash the strawberries. Instead of filling and icing cake layers, I piled sliced, sweetened strawberries atop my thin little cake, then piled the whipped cream on top of that. Garnished with a few more berries, I think it almost looks like it was meant to be that way.

We enjoyed it, but I missed the lightness of a properly made genoise. I think that when things calm down for the summer, this will call for a second attempt with my nieces. I’m betting we’ll do better together.

The strawberries are ready for their close up.

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