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Blueberry-Blackberry Galette

Greetings all! Kat here once again! Before I begin this week’s adventure, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everybody that responded to my post question about what laws they would like applied in my dictatorship. They made me smile and, in turn, my day 🙂

Anyways, on with the show. This month’s recipe was quite simple (however that must be accredited in part to my aunt prefabricating the dough ahead of time). Beyond that, it was simply a matter of assembling the blackberry-blueberry (my sister’s was blueberry-mango but more on that later) mixture, which I tossed in lemon juice, a slight deviation from the recipe, but an effective one, delicately folding the dough into lovely pleats, and doing the water wash along the edges of the crust and dusting it with sugar. The smell that emanated from the oven was delightful, and the finished product was a golden brown, bubbling berry delight.

Spooning the fruit onto the dough.

I should take this time to point out that my sister’s galette deviated in terms of filling and dough wash (she utilized an egg wash as opposed to water). Her blueberry-mango filling was delicately flavoured with vanilla and rum, a combination I look forward to sampling when it’s finished baking.

Brushing on the egg wash.

All in all, a successful endeavour, and a fitting birthday “cake” for the Dame of French cooking herself, Julia Child, who, I am told, would be celebrating her hundredth birthday this year. Happy Birthday Julia; know that your legacy continues to inspire new and experienced cooks alike every day.

Mango-Blueberry Galette

This week’s hosts are: Lisa and Andrea. You can find everyone’s links here: Berry Galette