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Finnish Pulla

I’m on my own for this week’s recipe – Kat is away and J is in the midst of exams, while Jeannine is recombobulating her household after the big move from the farm. (And yes, recombobulating is a word…at least it is one, now).

I did share this lovely bread, though. I took it to a meeting last night, where we did committee work between glasses of wine and plates of cheese, deli meats, and fruit. It made a nice end to the meal and looked amazing on the table. That’s the essence of a holiday loaf. I liked that the bread was soft and fragrant with cardamom, but not too sweet. I’ve already sated myself on holiday cookies and candies, so it’s nice to have a contrast to all the richness.

I hope everyone has had a lovely holiday season so far and our best wishes for a wonderful New Year. We’re looking forward to cooking and baking with you through 2013.

This week’s host is: Erin. You can find everyone’s links here: Finnish Pulla