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A slice of cake, still warm from the oven.

Cake! One of the many joys in life – it is fun to eat but even more fun to bake. This cake was very different from other cakes I have made previously. A couple of differences it had were that it had lemon juice and a lot of egg whites. Another thing that is different is the fact that there is no butter in the cake! Only in the topping and streusel can you find butter! Folding in egg whites that are very fragile was a new adventure I got to take today, too.

Arranging the spiral of nectarine slices.

Searching for ingredients is usually pretty easy in my Grandma’s kitchen, but today for some reason we had a tough time with ginger and lemon juice. My aunt thought she had left an extra lemon at my Grandma’s house the last time she was over, but to our surprise we could not find it! So we used the three-quarters of the lemon we had. My aunt and I spent a couple of minutes squeezing the life out of the lemon to get almost the amount of juice we needed and topped it off with some of the stuff you buy at the store in a bottle.

Strewing the streusel filling.

Although that problem was solved, soon after we came across the ginger problem. For the life of us, my aunt and I could not seem to find my Grandma’s ginger powder. we looked everywhere and even asked my Grandma where she kept it and still nothing. After a few more minutes of looking, we decided to use candied ginger instead, which we ground in a mini food processor. At that point, my grandma joined us in the kitchen and started looking for her ginger powder. She succeeded in finding the bottle, but when she picked it up we finally saw why we could not find it. The bottle was empty.

Just plated.

The adventures we get to enjoy in the kitchen as a family will make a lifetime of fond memories which I am very much looking forward to.


And now we wait for the cake to be done baking and for that amazing moment when we get to bite into our wonderful creation!

Until next time,

J 🙂

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