Buttermilk Scones


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I don’t generally follow the Olympics and Russia’s stance on LGBT folks made me reluctant to watch these games at all. I do have some Winter Olympics kryptonite, though, and that’s curling and hockey. I somehow find myself checking the standings for both sports as the Games draw to a close. By the time Canada earned its double double, I’d become hooked enough to go over to my parents’ place to watch the gold medal men’s hockey game with them. It started at 4:00 a.m. Vancouver time and I was up at 3:00, making these biscuits for us to enjoy along with the win we hoped was in the cards for Canada.


Our hockey team didn’t disappoint and neither did these scones. I improvised with lemon juice and whole milk for the buttermilk, so they didn’t rise as high as I’d hoped, but they were flaky, soft and balanced. I loved the contrast between the lemon and the light dusting of sugar especially.

I’ve made another batch since then, this time properly with buttermilk, and was pleased at the lovely height they achieved. These are good on their own, with butter, jam, or the Meyer lemon curd I had leftover from this French Fridays recipe.

Truly a gold medal recipe and one I was happy to share with my family.

Here’s a link to the episode of Baking with Julia where Marion Cunningham demonstrates these lovely scones. And you can find everyone’s links for this week’s recipe here: Buttermilk Scones