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Loaves of fruit-filled pumpkin bread.

Our catch up post today is from the beginning of October.

Well, today’s baking adventure went by a little faster than usual because my aunt had already made the dough the night before. When we got to my grandma’s house my aunt had taken the dough out of the fridge. The task that my sister and I completed was to make the dough into 5″ by 7″ rectangles. After that we folded them into threes and pinched the ends so that it would make a nice oval shape. We then placed the dough into the pans to be put in the oven!

The dough smelled so amazing I could hardly wait until it was done!

Ready for the oven.

After cooking them for 35 minutes we took them out!

Then, after letting them cool my sister and I took one of the loaves home to share with our family and it was sooo delicious!

Teresa here:

This loaf had mixed reviews – most of us loved it, but a few (my brother in particular) likened it to fruit cake and wouldn’t eat more than a bite. I thought it was a great breakfast treat, slathered with butter. We used a mixture of frozen cranberries and dried blueberries, along with the walnuts called for in the recipe – lovely combination.

Slicing the bread.

There’s no host this week, as this is a catch up Tuesday. You can find everyone’s links here: Rewind! We’re looking forward to seeing what others caught up on and be reminded of what the group’s accomplished so far.